Thursday, May 5, 2011

straight hair dont care lol

So i straightend my hair and i kinda feel bad about it like gosh i might have totally damaged my hair and stuff, buuuut i'm happy with the length and exited for it to get longer. when im no longer feeling lazy i'll post pics of it.  ugh but i cant stop thinking this is the second time this year and like the 5th time in like 7/8 months ive straightend it is that too much? well i use to do it every week so i really did cut back (good girl) i think its safe to say i have a healthy relationship with my flat iron now( well its a curling iron but whateverrrr) however i am not happy about the breakage but thats what i get for being so length crazed thinking i want to feel like i have long hair now and not wait untill my curls reach my back!!!! i mean my hairs not that long its full armpit length but its long enough to make me feel (special) lol

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