Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scene hair.

Yeaaaahhh....I had too. Ive always thought scene hairstyles were so beautiful<3<3<3 and since this is a hairstyle blog i though id do a post lol.

I remember going to the galleria mall circa 2008 in henderson (i'm from las vegas) there were soooo many scene kids, they seemed to all hang out there lol...
I always loved their hair all the colour, the bows, and the awesome layers (which if i layers like that in my hair it look like crap when curly). Okay so my friends and i never had scene hair but we went crazy with the colour, we dyed the broho section of our hair blue (there will be a post about this we got hair dye everywhere!) and when that faded i did pink, then went crazy with red hair dye (i dyed my hair a auburn red then put semi permant bright red over it, m-a-j-o-r d-a-m-a-g-e). anyway my mom wants me to get off my laptop.... So i'll blog later):

ps. broho hair is when you dye the bottom of your hair a different colour then the rest. (COLOUR? gosh why am i spelling it that way im not canadian...)

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  1. HI. Im going all scene out! lol. Could you give me a tutorial on how to do the ultimate scene hair? Please. Thanks a million. :)