Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Now i know detangling has to be like the worst part of taking care of hair (it can take forever!). I recently switched to finger combing  my hair which takes a verrrrry long time. Yes i could use a hair brush to dentangle my hair and have it done alot quicker but it can lead to major breakage and split ends which means less length and ratty ends. Since using my fingers ive started to notice less breakage and seem to be retaining more of my length.

Now for detangling your hair you will prob need a few hair clips, a  conditioner, a squirt bottle full of water, a towel (to protect shoulders and clothes from water/conditioner.), a hair tool (wide tooth comb, denman brush,fingers), and plenty of time. It's a good idea to watch a movie to make the time pass, or if its summer of you live somewhere warm you can sit outside and do it and enjoy the sun. If your detangling a little ones hair make sure they have something to do (toys,books, snack, movie, tv show.)

The key to detangling is setting aside a time when you can focus on it and not have to rush. I'ts best to start with freshly washed/cowashed hair. Depending on length you might want to section your hair into 2-8 sections. Make sure your hair is wet/damp and has plenty of conditioner on it (it helps hair comb better).
Start with the first section and take a small part and starting from the bottom gently comb hair untill there are no detangles. When you are done with the first section put a hair clip around it to keep it from tangling again(or band it, braid it, or twist it depending on how you want to style the hair later).
When you are done with all the sections you can either leave in the conditioner and mabey add an oil on top or rinse out the conditioner and add a leave in product.

I hope i gave enough info on detangling if there is something anyone want me to add  please comment and i can edit the post. Also i'd like to her from my reader, how do you dentangle your hair and how long does it take you?

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