Friday, January 18, 2013

My new tat and stuff.

So sbout a month ago i got a new tattoo its in my foot and says "las vegas" its super kawaii so ima post some pictures.
I also just got my bellybutton done yesterday and i love it! Only thing is that i kinda bumper her had so its not totally straight but hey i can live with it haha.
Oh and last but not least i purchased a lipstick ( haha poor lip gloss im having an affair!) it looks super cute! So the color i got is called cupcake made by revlon lip butter. Oooh laaalaa it feels like chapstick not at all like that chalky crap people use lol. Okay so heres the pictures!

New post

Haha a new post finally! So i have done some of the hairstyles from the hairstyle list but have yet to post then :c. But i will! (soon) haha.

Anyway i have hennad my hair once, found out i have a slight moisture overload so have been using mane n tail (protien) conditioner as my leave in, and because of this horrible weather (or maybe from using a chemical hair dye in october) i have been experiancing some breakage when handling my hair:c.

But i am trying to retain all my length and have given up buns for 2 weeks ( i just finished week 1) and instead am doing french braids which i have forgotten how much i love them!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Braided crown with twisted mini buns.

So instead of sticking to the list i decided to go all creative and create another style. It was super cute and lasted 2 days, this is what i did:

Step one: part hair on right side and section enough hair to make a small head band braid braid all the way to end Repeat on other side.

Step two: leaving braids out put the rest of hair into bun.

Step three: make four sections with the ponytail and turn them into four two strand twists.

Step four: take one two strand twist and mak it into a bun and secure with hair pins. Repeat with remaining twists.

Step five: criss- cross the two braids and then wrap around bun securing with hair pins.

And thats it super simple but it looks super cute! If you want the style to last a few days than make sure to sleep with a scarf on. Oh and remove the hair pins before bed, trust me you dont want to fall asleep with them!

No number hair style twist out.

So a couple days ago i took out the flat twist across head going into braided bun hairstyle and wow the best twist ou ever i mean the curls were bomb! Exept my hair was sooo dirty (have not shampooed in a week eek!) so sadly i could not wear the twist out because it was just wayy gunky lol.
But heres some pics.
Ps. Srry for bad pics! It was dark an my iphone does not have flash.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No number. Twist across into braided bun.

I keep adding to the list! But ran out of space so this one did not get added.
What i did was first got my hair wet did a green tea apple cider vinegar rinse than put a bunch of hello hydration conditioner in it than put on a shower cap and a towel. I left this on fo like 10 minutes then rinsed, added more conditioner kinda half semi detangled but not really.
So with said conditioner left in a tshirt/towel dryed (tshirt got soaking wet.) and added some palmers replenishing hair milk. I am not gonna lie this was not my first style i tryed half up half down (i have like this phobia of wearing my hair down i think its cute and then my crazyness takes over and says " honey you are not going to make it to waist length in a year if you keep your hair down".) so i did a sode bun but was like ehhh my hairs still out);. After some thinking i decided on this style.
Step one start flat twist on side of head going from ear to ear.

Step two secure with rubber band (left over from style 21. haha recycled).

Step three braid end and make a bun secure with hair pins (my love haha cuz you can sleep in them unlike a hair stick.).

Step four (optional) bin back way to short ugly i hate and can not wait till they grow out bangs with hair clip like device.

Thats pretty much it, i wonder how long it will last? Now heres some pics!(:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

21. Dutch braids across head into side bun with head band braids.

MY NEW FAVORITE!!!!! Im serious i love this i just came up with it the other night. My hair was feeling ish after having style # 3. in it (left in for a day) so i cowashed/conditioned than rinsed then added more conditioner (hello hydration) as a leave in then sealed with coconut oil. Anyway i did this on damp hair (hair semi dryed in two braids.) i parted my hair in 2 (top,bottom.) with the top part i made a side part then made 2 small cornrows with my bangs and tied with a rubber band. Then with the top half i did a dutch braid going across, and did the same with the bottom tied both braids with rubber band than used another to make one ponytail. I then two strand twisted it and made a bun and poked 3 hair pins in it. Thats it! Super quicck super simple! After the first day i undid the bun moisturized it (palmers replenishing hair milk.) them braided it and rebuned (is that a word?!?) an called it a night. I did this friday night and am hoping it will last till tuesday:D.

3. Bun with bump

This is one of my favorite styles it is a bun ( another version is 50's updo, which after watching the movie "hipsters" i kinda wanna try something 50's like.) with a bump, but not the small bump but one that uses half your hair its cute.

So what i did was tie my bangs aside than sectioned my hair in half (top, bottom.) with the top i made a bump and twisted the back then pinned it. With the remaining hair i just made a bun ( this would look cute with a pony or braid too.) and then straightend my bang (instyler ofcourse!). Yeah lets just say the bangs didnt last all day i ended up using a clip to hold em back, i really dont like them:(.

Ps. Srry for bad pics! It was end of day and did not have much light.