Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No number. Twist across into braided bun.

I keep adding to the list! But ran out of space so this one did not get added.
What i did was first got my hair wet did a green tea apple cider vinegar rinse than put a bunch of hello hydration conditioner in it than put on a shower cap and a towel. I left this on fo like 10 minutes then rinsed, added more conditioner kinda half semi detangled but not really.
So with said conditioner left in a tshirt/towel dryed (tshirt got soaking wet.) and added some palmers replenishing hair milk. I am not gonna lie this was not my first style i tryed half up half down (i have like this phobia of wearing my hair down i think its cute and then my crazyness takes over and says " honey you are not going to make it to waist length in a year if you keep your hair down".) so i did a sode bun but was like ehhh my hairs still out);. After some thinking i decided on this style.
Step one start flat twist on side of head going from ear to ear.

Step two secure with rubber band (left over from style 21. haha recycled).

Step three braid end and make a bun secure with hair pins (my love haha cuz you can sleep in them unlike a hair stick.).

Step four (optional) bin back way to short ugly i hate and can not wait till they grow out bangs with hair clip like device.

Thats pretty much it, i wonder how long it will last? Now heres some pics!(:

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