Thursday, October 25, 2012

17. Dutch braid pigtails with side part.

Okay i probably should be starting with the first hairstyle on the list but yeah whatever. Lol.
So tuesday night i washed my hair with the miss jessie sample i got (the super slip shampoo (do not remember the name but it is awesome!) and conditioned/detangled with hello hydration then conditioned again with the conditioner that came with my hair dye. After on damp hair i used shea moisture deep treatment mask as my leave in then used organix anti breakage serum to seal. I then put my hair in 8 braids and covered with my silk scarf then went to bed.
In the morning i just undid the braids and threw my hair into a side bun and went to work, but once i got there i was bored so i decided to do my hair haha. I basicly just parted the front on the side and the back down the middle than dutch braided each side and stopt when i got to the bottom like 2 1/2-3 inches. I secured the ends with orange rubber bands hahah fancy!
I wore this style all yesterday and today but im planing on taking it out tonight to restyle in the morning cuz its looking kinda fuzzy.
Here are the picks taken today.

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