Monday, October 22, 2012

Midnight moon

So i did it! Colored my hair black, i used loreal feria in midnight moon which is a cool black. I loveee i can not believe i didnt do this a long time ago.
Omg all i have to say is that the dye sniffed awful! I seriously mixed it up and started applying it in my room (bad idea i know all messy hair escapades should be done in the bathroom...or outside.) but ended up running outside and finishing it on the back porch in the cold wearing my tub top and shorts! Haha. I forgot to time when i finished but i think i left it on half hour (directions said 25 minutes), after that i washed it out and applied most of the conditioner and let that sit on for a couple minutes. It was weird my hair felt more i guess smooth? Maybe from the chemicals? Idk.
After rinsing out the condish i think (yeah i dont remember) put some hello hydration, coconut oil, curl enhancing smoothie, coconut oil in it (cuz you know i wanted to make sure it was super moisturized,pluss it sniffed gross.)

So here are some pics of the process and one of the outcome, it feels so nice for all of my hair to be dark no more light ends (darn sun and salt water) and no more reddish i was so tired of i mean my hair was coming outta my hair looking like i just hennad!

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