Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The hair style list.

So i made a list of hair 20 different hairstyles, my goal is to do all of them (and their variations, like "with bangs", "with accent braids", "bun", "ponytail") and keep them in my hair for 1-4 days depending on the style. When i am done doing all the styles i am going to use the instyler to get my hair silky smooth ahaha. And will post pictures ofcourse! Hopefully it wont rain or snow or any kind of humidity lol.
Anyway i started today i did hairstyle # 17 (at work lol super bored.) the "dutch braid pigtails with side part" i did this with out my bangs on freshly eashed hair that was set with a braid out ober night. Tommorow i will make a post of this with pics. :D But right now i need to clean my room so i will nlog later toodles!

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