Monday, October 22, 2012

Instyler and black hair.

Edit. I thought this got posted a week ago but i didn't so now i'm reposting. So this is befor i dyed my hair but hair does look really black in second pick yay me.

Soooo i purchased myself the instyler and loreal feria midnight moon dye.
I loooove the instyler it is the best flatiron like device i have ever used got my hair straight in half the time. Only bad thing is it rained... Yeah like it hasnt rained in 80 days and the day i do my hair it starts so my hair has now been deep conditioned and im rocking a braid out turned side bun with braid accent and bangs (which have been pinned back because of the weather);)
But im glad i got it even tho it was 100$!!!! Lol Oh and i got black hair dye because im tired of the red ugh so hopefully soon i will be a sexy goth black lol. I plan to pamper my hair then dye it in a week or few.

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