Sunday, October 28, 2012

3. Bun with bump

This is one of my favorite styles it is a bun ( another version is 50's updo, which after watching the movie "hipsters" i kinda wanna try something 50's like.) with a bump, but not the small bump but one that uses half your hair its cute.

So what i did was tie my bangs aside than sectioned my hair in half (top, bottom.) with the top i made a bump and twisted the back then pinned it. With the remaining hair i just made a bun ( this would look cute with a pony or braid too.) and then straightend my bang (instyler ofcourse!). Yeah lets just say the bangs didnt last all day i ended up using a clip to hold em back, i really dont like them:(.

Ps. Srry for bad pics! It was end of day and did not have much light.

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