Sunday, October 28, 2012

21. Dutch braids across head into side bun with head band braids.

MY NEW FAVORITE!!!!! Im serious i love this i just came up with it the other night. My hair was feeling ish after having style # 3. in it (left in for a day) so i cowashed/conditioned than rinsed then added more conditioner (hello hydration) as a leave in then sealed with coconut oil. Anyway i did this on damp hair (hair semi dryed in two braids.) i parted my hair in 2 (top,bottom.) with the top part i made a side part then made 2 small cornrows with my bangs and tied with a rubber band. Then with the top half i did a dutch braid going across, and did the same with the bottom tied both braids with rubber band than used another to make one ponytail. I then two strand twisted it and made a bun and poked 3 hair pins in it. Thats it! Super quicck super simple! After the first day i undid the bun moisturized it (palmers replenishing hair milk.) them braided it and rebuned (is that a word?!?) an called it a night. I did this friday night and am hoping it will last till tuesday:D.

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