Sunday, November 4, 2012

Braided crown with twisted mini buns.

So instead of sticking to the list i decided to go all creative and create another style. It was super cute and lasted 2 days, this is what i did:

Step one: part hair on right side and section enough hair to make a small head band braid braid all the way to end Repeat on other side.

Step two: leaving braids out put the rest of hair into bun.

Step three: make four sections with the ponytail and turn them into four two strand twists.

Step four: take one two strand twist and mak it into a bun and secure with hair pins. Repeat with remaining twists.

Step five: criss- cross the two braids and then wrap around bun securing with hair pins.

And thats it super simple but it looks super cute! If you want the style to last a few days than make sure to sleep with a scarf on. Oh and remove the hair pins before bed, trust me you dont want to fall asleep with them!

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  1. Hey Devany its TeenageNaturalista here,
    I also think that its great to see that there are other natural haired teens like me:) I will also be following your blog and may even try out a few of your hairstyles!