Sunday, May 22, 2011

Four bun

This is from like two or three weeks ago when i had my hair straightend. Since im trying to grow out my hair (My goal is between waist and tailbone length) im trying not to straighten it more then evey couple months which is still alot and im planning to cut back even more so i can make my goal goal of bra strap length at the end of the year. I wore alot of fishtail braids and buns the week my hair was straightend to protect the ends and avoid breakage. Anywho more on the style:
I gathered my hair to the side of my head and then seperated it into 2 parts and made one big twist and wrapped it around into a bun and secured it with a hairstick(my grandpa made it for me it has a kukui not with a flower painted on it attached to the end), thats it! Its simple but super cute and a new twist to the classic bun!
In the close up you can kinda see that it looks like four sections.  I imagine if you have longer hair it will look different, but will still be a way cool look.(^_^).

My mom's hair in a bun with a hair stick. It was a kinda swirly bun i think she wrapped her hair around the hair stick

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