Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arts and Crafts!

I am a big fan of arts and crafts! Being homeschooled (i graduated last year) by my mom arts and crafts was always a big part of our day, and it still is i could sit for hours listening to music,watching tv or just space-ing out while making crafts and jewelry. I once sat down and made like fifty chokers out of hemp my fingers were so sore that night. I plan on putting more posts up about the crafts i make and possibly how to's! (i really "!" dont i?)
Oh and im a big fan of oragami, i have more oragami paper then anyone else in the world (i like to think so lol), well okay i dont have that much but i have alot. My favorite thing to make are cranes i'm sure ive made well over a thousand (where's my wish) lol.

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