Thursday, May 5, 2011

OMG! i have a hair regimen!!!

I't like just now dawned on me, i have established a regimen! i feel proud and ima pat myself on the back (pat pat). I basicly follow the tightly curly method ( (i so making another post about it its awesome!!!) ) Yeah so Here it is:

2 x a week: Get hair wet and either co wash, shampoo (usually with dr bronners), or apple cider vinegar rinse, or tea rinse.
I don't alway shampoo every time usually once a week or week and a half but i get my hair wet twice a week so i dont really have to my scalp still gets clean. After i'm done i put conditoner in and rinse it out when im done showering/bathing. Then i apply more conditioner (aussie moist) and leave that in,then i add an oil on top. I section my hair into two and take small sections and finger comb them, when im all done i let it all aair dry. Then i keep it in a bun or up do most of the time, and daily if needed i add a little conditioner and water or some hair serum or oil. at night i put my hair into a big pony on top of my hair (called pineappling) and tie a silk scarf around my head and sleep on a silk pillow case.

ps. the picture doest really go wtih the post but i liked it.

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