Sunday, May 22, 2011

How i wore my hair today.

I got my hair wet today and detangled (which took forever!). I wet my hairsectioned it in four, then put mane and tail conditioner in it. I finger combed each section and then put it into two twists. When i was done i untwisted my hair then rinsed out all the conditioner put it into four sections and added aussie moist and some oil to each section. I let my hair semi air dry (it was just too cold to let it fully air dry,  i used a blow dryer on a low setting untill my hair was still wet but not dripping) in pigtails with a second band around the middle to stretch my hair out. When it was almost dry i decided to style it:

I pulled the bangs out and put the rest back into a ponytail. Then i used a flower clip to clip my bangs to the side. I havnt worn my hair in a ponytail in a while so it was fun i kept swinging my head lol.

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