Sunday, September 16, 2012

Protective style

So because im now back on the mainland my hair and skin is sooo dry! Lol i have decided with winter coming and what not i seriously need to protective style my hair alot, but i am not allowed to do buns ( i have a serious bun,high bun,messy bun addiction which might end up doing more harm then good ;/) so i came up with this cute french braid hairstyle. This is what i did;
1. On stretched and moisturized hair i frist sectioned off my bangs, then braided the (to keep them out of way).

2. I made a small side part and parted hair down my hairline on both sides, after clipping up the rest of my hair i o applied more moisturizer (shea moisture deep treatment mask) and cornrowed the left side. I stopt braiding when i ran out of hair leaving the ends loose than did the other side.

3. I sectioned the back straight (i think) down the middle, i made 2 dutch braids on on each side and added the hair from the cornrows into the braids.

4. I unbraided my bangs and flat ironed them.
Thats it pretty simple im hoping to get a couple days out of this style. I have been covering it at night with a silk scarf and this morning, if the ends start to unravel or get fozy from like say rubbing against your sweater than just unbraid the very ends smooth more moisturizer on and rebraid. Here are pictures from second day.

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