Sunday, September 16, 2012

Butter deep conditioner and smelly hair.

Call me crazy but i did a butter deep condition lol. So heres what i did.
On freshly cowashed and avc rinsed hair i rubbed on the butter lol and but hair into a high bun wrapt a plastic mini garbage bag and then a towel around it. Oh teehee this is the recipe

Shea butter
Organic root stimulator replenishing conditioner.

I melted butter and honey in the microwave ( this tastes good on bread, tortillas, and english muffins.)

To the honey butter mixture i added the conditioner and some shea butte rto thicken it up.

Wow so um yeah it made my hair feel great, not as hard to wash out as i thought it would be, buuuut lol my hair sniffed funny later on! I rinsed it out with hot water (NOT THE BEST FOR HAIR , warm water is BETTER. Do as i say not as i do lol) anyway ended updetangling my hair with hello hydration (strong sent) and then rinsed that out and used shea moisture deep treatment mask as my leave in but it still kinda had that umm rancid dairy smell to it. But since my hair felt great i decided to put it in 12 braids for a braid out. The next day i did the dutch braid style.

So lesson learned dairy can be scarey lol Im thinking this would be better as a pre-poo not a afterwash treatment.

Oh p.s. Here are some pics of the post butter braid out before i styled it.

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