Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My adventures with indigo and mehndi review for rajasthani twilight!!!

Yay so my sample from mehndi.com have arriveeeddd!! I got 3g rajasthani twilight 2.8% lawsone content, and 3g of sudina indigo. Right now as we speak i have the henna (mixed with lemon juiceand let sit about 12 hours overnight) sitting in my bangs( i always test stuff on my bangs first ). So its 10am (early right?) i plan to leave it in for 3 hours sooo 1pmishhh and the when i rinse this out i will mix up my indigo and leave it in for like an hour (or untill i have to leave for work 2:30ish) soo yay! Hopefully it comes out a very dark cool and sexxxy black hopefully like jet black blue black color.

Mehndi review!!!
So as i was mixing up the rajasthani twilight i noticed it was quite stringy! Which is a good quality in hennA, usually when mixing henna for mehndi you mix henna, lemon juice, and sugar i however didnt use sugar in this mix because i was putting it in my hair. Sugar pretty much just makes the henna stay on skin better (if no sugar is added it could just fall off). So i put a big square of leftover henna on my foot (wanted to do hand but it woukd look kinda weird at work to have a brown goo on my hand). I am hoping to get a nice dark reddish colour, because of the high lawsone content 2.8% i have a feeling this is gonna be the shizzle! Lol

So i will update soon (3 hours of my indigo process, and again tommorow for the mehndi review and a peek of my hair, and then again the next day when my mehndi as reached its true color(;.

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