Sunday, June 17, 2012

those kinda hair days....

So yeah, today was one of those day.... I woke up cowashed my hair and put in some conditioner and some shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie (review coming soon, lol) then did pigtails and twisted the ends super easy, frizz free, and semi stretched. Sounds good right? Yeah well i decided i wanted to try a "cute style" exept due to my henna treatment my hair felt dry (it wasnt cuz i just moisturized) so i put some vatika oil and some hair gel in it and styled it into a high bun, It looked cute but i so wasnt feelin' it.
After trying multiple hairstyles and nothing working out i decided to rinse my hair clean and deep condition it. So here i am typing this post while my hair is up in a bun wrap in a scarf and a towel/;. This post must be really boring to read lol i feel like im runing out of style options):.

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