Thursday, June 14, 2012

Henna again(:

So i hennad again! Awesome results my hair looks redder and feels way stronger the only bad thing i have to say is that my hair still feels stiff ); mostly because i havnt had the time to deep condition it as often as i should. Anywho so here is what i did;
Washed and detangled hair the night before and put in four twist using aussie moist as a leave in. Than in the morning i rinsed out my hair, put on my black bathing suit top and some old shorts went out side and hennaeded (lol) my hair put it up in this messy bun thing wrapt in saran wrap than put my scarf over my hair. I left thenna on for about four hours than rinsed and deep conditioned with my special conditioner (which is a mix of a couple conditioners oil and maple syrup plus some hair butter) left that one for not as long as i should have (45? Idk i dont remember) than rinsed out and put something in my hair (yeah this was like over a week ago so i really dont remember) and called it a night. After my second treament i am in love !!! Henna is beautiful and i love how it makes my hair smell(:.

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