Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Flatironed my hair

So i did it, i feel pretty good since the last time i did it was january( was it really that long?) so heres what i did:
Washed my hair with triple moisture shampoo(love this! I promise a review). Then i deep conditioned/detangled with aussie 3minute miracle , rinsed and applied a little bit of aussie moist conditioner as my leave in. Then i twisted into i think like 11 twists.
After my hair was fully dried i put my flat iron on a medium/low setting untwisted a section, combed out with denman, applied a little coconut oil(not too much just a liiitttlle bit) grabed a small chunk and then did one pass with the flat iron. When i was done with the section i flat ironed the ends( because my ends r thin i have to flat iron the in bigger sections) sealed with this mango hair grease i got at walgreens (1.99$ score) and the repeated till i was done.

Now i try to avoid mineral oil but since im straightening i wanted something that kept the moisture out of my hair.

Anyway i kept it straight for like five days mostly wore it in half updos, braids , ponytails. It was nice because i didnt relize how long my hair had gotten iven the breakkage was armpit length.

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