Monday, May 7, 2012

i did henna!!!

i have not posted in sooo long omg. but i finaly used henna after months of researching it, so this is what i didv i mixed wpp grams of henna with lemon juice and jamaica (hibiscus flower tea, i just boilde fresh hibiscus in water) mixed it untill it was like thick yogurt then i covred it with plastic wrap and left it over night (about twelve hours) then in the morning i applied the henna to freshly washed and detangled hair put it up in a bun covered it with saran wrap, my silf scarf, and a towel. i  only ended up using half of the henna id made up, so next time i'll use less,i pretty much  made a hudge mess in the bathroom my mom was sooo hot happy. anyway i leftthe henna in for like r or t hours (wanted to, leave it on longer but i had gone to the beach and it was pretty hot  out side so it started to drip everywere grossa it looked like poop). it took a while to wash out i just rinsed and rinsed untill the water ran almost clear, frist thing i noticed was my hair felt stronger and really stiff which makes sense cuz henna acts as a protien in your hair. i deep conditioned with organic root stimulate replenishing conditioner for about twenty minutes  then rinsed out but some aussie moist condtioner and shea moisture deep treatment in may hai but it in a geisha bun and called it a day, i didnt end up detangling till a couple days later (i know i know and i wonder why im stratigng to get breakage again, i guess im just  la zya)  .but overall  i loved it, and it made my hair more auburn/red.

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