Monday, March 14, 2011

Messy side bun with dutch braid headband.

Buns are one of my favorite ways to wear my hair, but just a regular bun can get kinda boring!
So when you are feeling a little lazy but still want too look cute this style is perfect, all you need is and elastic band, and a hair tie or hair pins.

First part your hair on the side and take a section of hair starting from the part all the way to behind the ear. Dutch braid it (a dutch braid is a reversed french braid, instead of crossing the hair over you cross it under) untill there is no more hair to add the tie an elastic hair band around it. Next gather all of your hair and put it into a loose messy bun you can use hair bands or hair pins to hold it up. It should look kinda like this(^_^).

Add pretty hair pins or clips to make this look super cute.
ps. srry for all the weird stuff in the background.(;

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