Friday, June 3, 2011

Blue hair don't care.(summer 2008)

Haha...yeah thats blue hair dye on my hands, not any blue hair dye but Bitchin' Blue
(from Hot Topic). Anyway, my friend victoria's mom wouldnt let her dye her hair so we had to be sneaky lol. She thought we were dying her hair with blue kool aid. So when she was taking a nap we snuck into the bathroom and looked the door and i dyed her hair and mine. After i washed it out we relized that we got hair dye all over the bathroom and ourselves, i mean my hands and the back of her neck were like all blue we looked like smurfs! So we had to call my mom to come and help us clean up (she ended up doing it all) she had to bleach the heck out of the bathroom, it looked like we killed the blue man group! And she was all like "i've been dying my hair since middle school and i've made a mess", yeah well i guess we are just more messy than she is (i though she knew this?) But seriously! everything was blue our pillow cases (cause we dyed the bottom half of are hair "broho section") the bra i was wearing, and shorts (how i got dye on my shorts i have no idea!!!) it took me weeks, i mean weeeeekkkksssss to wash that stuff of my hands i had to use bleach and even that didnt work (do not use bleach) . But her hair turned out super cute if i find any pics i'll add them to the post. Mine didnt really turn blue but is had a darker blue/green tinge to it..

ps. blue hair dye fades to an awfull green color, and if you swim in pools (like we did) then it fades sooner.

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